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Here at Ozz Sound & Lighting, repairs and installs are an important part of our business. We aim to supply the right product(s) for the job, and ensure that they keep working for years to come!


We understand that for the working professional, a fast turnaround is vital - if your amplifier goes up in smoke on saturday night, you can't afford to be without it for a month while it's sent away for repair - you need it by the following weekend, if not before! That's why we have an in-house engineer, as well as good working relationships with our suppliers when it comes to sourcing spare parts. If something's not working, give us a call - we're confident that we won't be beaten on price either!


Need some sound or lighting in your venue? We have supplied to all manner of places, from coffee bars to nightclubs. We can design a system to suit your exact requirements, select the best products for the job, and install it for you, all at a competitive price! Why not give us a call to discuss your needs and get a quote?

A custom-built console that we made for our client, a radio broadcaster.

Another home console that we designed and built for another radio broadcaster!

A new suspended lighting rig that we installed into a village hall.

The lighting rig in full effect, ready for small stage productions and discos.

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